A little About me


Here you will read some articles I have posted and just thoughts that goes into my mind.  My brain is unfiltered so that means who knows what you will read about.  I tell people I have diarrhea of the mouth, only because I do not have a filter 99% of the time that I speak.  I am a country nerd.  I am big on PC games, (Diablo 3, LOTRO, and use to play WOW) I read a lot, (usually a book a day)  I like to camp, swim, hunting, fishing, dirt track racing and shooting guns. I can fix a car yet I can still be the girly girly when I need to be.  I will never boost an ego unless it is earned. I am usually the one sitting back watching and listening to people just to retain information.  I can give good advice yet I find it hard to take my own.  I am not good at public speaking and chokes every time I try karaoke.  I have a son that I am turning into a country nerd as well. Bless his heart, he is me made all over in boy form.



I am sure I will add more to this but as for now, its a start, a work in progress, almost like my life.  I hope you enjoy and follow me through out this process. Don’t forget to like and comment on any post to let me know if you enjoyed it or not. Thank you!