Holiday Sexpectations

Published March 26, 2016 by Late Night with Jess


Christmas time is right around the corner and I have some issues.  It’s not just at Christmas, but every Holiday.  I am single!  Every time I go around some of my family I always hear the same thing over and over again.  “Why don’t you have a guy in your life?”  I really want to say, because every guy I find always turns out to be a bigger dick than what they have or I would rather just have sex with some random stranger than to have to deal with the weirdness of trying to get to know someone.  I don’t though, only because they are my family and I am trying to keep peace as much as possible.  Why does some random family member feel the need to be so concerned with your personal life anyways?  I usually just tell them I don’t have time to date but the real reason why I am still single is simple.  There are not many places around here to meet guys my age!  Being a single mother of a very active boy you would think that there would be some single fathers out there in the same activities that my son is in, but NO!

I have tried this local Facebook singles site and let me tell you, that place is worse than Craigslist and Plenty of Fish combined!  I noticed that most of the “active” members were very active with one another.  It was more about who can have sex with all the guys/gals than to actually try finding just one mate!  A friend of mine told me that some of the females actually went on dates every single night just to have sex and get free meals, but then go on to complain about how used they felt because they were treated like a sex object.  I mean come on people, you cannot expect someone to treat you like a queen if you’re going around being a dumb ass joker.  Stop letting the guys spread the butter on your toast!  Sex is wonderful and can be lots of fun, but if you’re looking for your mate then maybe don’t be so easy.  If you read back on a couple of my other articles you will see I have said that before.  Women have what they guy wants, so why not make them work for it!  Well unless you’re just wanting sex, then heck you’re doing it right!

Dating these days are way different as back in the day. These days people want to “hang out” not take you out.  “Netflix and chill” come to find out is saying they want to “hook up” with you and not really watch a damn movie.  I bet the next new thing will be “go muddin” will mean anal sex. Or “Wash my car” will mean golden showers.  Why can’t people just spit it out to what they really are looking for in the first place. Why is there so many damn codes names?   I bet the codes was made up from these Jr High/High school kids so their parent will not know what they really are doing.  Well damn I guess everyone knows what they are now so why keep using them!


Check out the original article I wrote here for The Buzz Kill Magazine


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