Hook (On)line and S(t)inker

Published March 26, 2016 by Late Night with Jess


Online dating is suppose to be for people who don’t get out much, but still want to find their partner in life.  From my experience online dating is just another excuse for people to pretend that they like someone just to get what they want.  ATTENTION! Think about it, you start with the basic stuff to get to know that person and it’s usually one-sided like “what’s your favorite food?”  Their normal response back is “Steak” (or whatever they like) and they usually never ask what is yours.  You can always tell the one who wants attention when you have been talking for a while and you just want to vent, they ALWAYS turn the thing around on themselves.  Don’t get me wrong some only do it to make you feel better, but take a step back and think about the ones who have always done that in the past.  You’re still single, why?  Because online dating is 97% filled with people who just want the attention!  Yes, and I’m sure you’re thinking, well, why are you single?  Why are you searching for someone to date?  Well, I myself want to find that partner for life.  I put myself out there so others can see if they would like to take a chance to get to know me, the real me.  Six years single and I have always received the same result, once someone gets what they want, they leave.  No, I’m not saying I have had sex with the people who I meet, hell, I haven’t actually met a lot of people from online in person only because the attention seekers are the ones who will never agree to meet in person.  Why you ask?  They are bored in their current relationship, they don’t want a relationship, they lied about what they look like, they lied about their age or they simply don’t want to make the fantasy land reality!  What ever the reasons, remember these 10 warning sings!!

  1. They always turn every subject about themselves.
  2.  They turn every conversation into something sexual.
  3. Their only reply back when it’s convenient for them.
  4. They never agree to meet or they don’t show up when they do agree.
  5. Will never talk on the phone with you, or if they do when you call they never answer and always gives an excuse to why they didn’t answer.
  6. A textalionship only (text message relationship)
  7. Will only be around at late hours of the night and never on weekends.
  8. Never the first to start a conversation. (They want to make sure they have you where  they want you.)
  9. Will say they don’t have a Facebook page. (Everyone these days does!)
  10. They will not tell you where they actually work.



Check out the original article I wrote here for The Buzz Kill Magazine





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