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Published March 26, 2016 by Late Night with Jess

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After 12 years of waiting, Diablo 3 was released on May 15, 2012 for PC users everywhere. Well, Americas, Europe and South Korea.  Within 24 hours sales rocketed to set a new record by selling 3.5 million copies!  Within a year Blizzard Entertainment sold 12 million copies and Diablo 3 was named the best selling PC game of 2012.  On September 3, 2013 the game came out on XBOX 360 and PS3 which was an awesome idea on Blizzards account. In July presales for the game started.  XBOX 360 presales hit no 2 and PS3 ranked no 4 for toped ranked Pre-order game that week.  Not bad for the original game to of been released back in 1996!  On August 19 2014 Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil, will be released on the XBOX One and PS4, so let’s see how the sales go after 2 years and a couple months of being out.

I myself played the original Diablo and Diablo 2 and was supper excited and a little leery when Diablo 3 came out.  I didn’t buy it the day it came out :-/ yes I know but I am playing it now and that my friend is all that matters.  I went to a guy’s house that I was dating at the time, he was playing it so I got to see how the graphics was.  I so wanted to play but was still not sure it was worth the $59.99 price tag.  Luckily when he bought his game it came with a couple of starter edition codes, which I didn’t turn down.  The starter was just a demo that you can only go to level 13 and then you can decided if you want to buy the game.  Very smart of Blizzard once again!  I didn’t even make it to level 13 when I ran out and bought the game.  Oh I must say that the graphics are so awesomely splendid!

Basic info of the game:   You get to pick between five charters, Barbarian, Demon hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor or a Wizard.  You also get to decided if you want one of three followers to help you on your journey, Templar, Scoundrel or the Enchantress.  You go have different tasks you have to go through to level up and as you level up stuff is dropped to help you gain better stats. I’m not going to mention all the equipment you can get just think of it like outfits that can keep you safer for longer. You start out in New Tristram after Deckard Cain and Leah was investigating an ominous prophecy.  Well needless to say while they were there, a star fell from the sky and Cain just vanished. Now you have to go find Cain, kill all the newly raised dead, kill a few Mob guys and fight and kill Diablo in four different difficulty levels. Way too much to actually talk about. But the butcher is by far my favorite to kill. No wait Maghda is. Heck who am I kidding there all awesome! Top level is 60.

In March 25, 2014 a expansion pack was released Reaper of Souls where it made the top out level to 70, added a fifth act to play, gave another character class, Crusader. So now you have six charters to pick from.  They added and Adventure mode that you can go anywhere in the game without starting a new game. Chances at bigger loot drops, better gear drop, new jewels and able to go for bounties to get rift key fragments.  Oh, the best thing is they added a fourth slot for passive skills! You will find that passive skills mean a lot in this game lol. I wasn’t sure it was worth another $59.99 but I am really glad I did get it because I truly love this game!  Send me an email if you play Diablo 3 or the Reaper of Souls. (on pc) I am always looking for more people to play with.    If you don’t play the game, it may be something you would like. Try playing the starters edition, you never know it could be your favorite game as well.


Its been a while since I wrote this, so check out Blizzards website for the actual prices now.  I still enjoy playing this game and have got into seasons as well as a great Clan on there as well.  Never a boring day!

Check out the original article I wrote here for The Buzz Kill Magazine




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