What do you do with your day off?

Published March 26, 2016 by Late Night with Jess

So what does most people do on their days off from work?  I will tell you what I usually do on mine.  I get up normal time to get my son ready for school, then take the longest shower possible, and when I mean the longest I mean when I get out my hands have turned into plumbs.  Not sure why I don’t take a bath, just could never get into those.  Something about in a pool of water just soaking like potatoes.  Anyways after my long shower I tend to get all dressed up just to go to Hastings and have a frappe and either read or do some type of work on the computer. Since its colder outside I am stuck inside but when it is warm I sit outside at the tables and just enjoy the day.  Nothing like not staying home but spending very little money all while doing something that you enjoy!  I have met a lot of interesting people while outside reading, at one point a couple of them thought I worked there because I was there every single day.  That was when I was not working.  I have a very unique car and after about a month a guy comes up to me and asks me if that was my car.  Of course he was the only one who have guessed it so I had to ask him how did he know.  He said that my tattoos gave it away.  Of course having Pucca on one arm and a Lord of The Rings tattoo on the other is a complete give away if people are paying attention.  Most however do not.


Heck most guys in general does not pay attention to anything about a women.  I could shave my head and put on a new bra and he would notice the bra before ever looking up.  I guess if you want to get the attention of a man these days you must plaster it on your ass, you chest or your legs.  Anyways if any of y’all wants the best frappe or latte I suggest going into Hastings and having Ashlea, a cute blonde, make you one!  She is the sweetest person you could meet.  She is one of the reasons I like this place.  Other than just getting to come up here and just relaxing in a store that I totally love. There is always something here to look at even when you been here every single day!



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